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Sanghakaya foundation

Sanghakaya Foundation is a non-profit, faith based organisation devoted solely to the dissemination of the  Buddha’s Dhamma and charitable activities that help in the spread of Buddha-Dhamma in India and around the globe. Gujarat has remained the main focus region of the foundation since its inception.The foundation has noticed that the newly discovered sites of Buddhist heritage in Gujarat have been neglected within the greater international . 

Buddhist circuit. The foundation is working tirelessly in bringing out the hidden treasure of Established by Bhante  Prashil Gautam , the foundation is dedicatedly  involved in organising and conducting meditation camps, Buddhist sermons other charitable  events.

Sanghakaya Foundation in order to develop peace, love and respect to each other. People should able to lead the life of happiness and let them lead their ways of good life.

A healthy mind could lead societies into good direction which will enable common people to feel the real calmness and inner happiness within themselves in this very life. Therefore, Sanghakaya Foundation develop Buddhism in the land of its origin.

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