1 st International Buddhist Conference By Sanghakaya

Sanghakaya Foundation organised the 1st International Buddhist Conference at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It was the first of its kind in the history of Gujarat. It was organized from 27th to 30th November 2016 in collaboration with Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA), Fedration of Ambedkarites and Buddhist Organization(FABO) London and DMSB foundation, Thailand. The conference was organised as a celebration of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and to promotes love, Compassion and Peace through Buddhist philosophy.

His Excellency the Prince of Cambodia Thanaro Norodom, Governor of Gujarat Hon.Mr.O. P Kholi were the chief guest for the conference. International delegates from Thailand, Singapore, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Nepal and Tibet participated in the conference. Monks and upasaks from Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh were also present in the conference. Cultural dance performance was a homage paid to Buddha, dhamma and Sangha. Many regional songs were sang by the singers to pay tribute to Dr.B. R Ambedkar. The site seeing program was also organised by the organization.

2nd International Buddhist Conference By Sanghakaya Foundation

2nd International Buddhist Conference (BODHISATVA-SAPTHA) was organised at Mahatma Mandir Convention Centre Gandhi Nagar Gujarat, India from 17th September to 23rd September 2017(B.E 2560) with an aim to promote the Buddhist heritage site in Gujarat State and to celebrate 126th  Birth anniversary of Dr. B. R Ambedkar. The conference was organised in collaboration with World Alliance of Buddhist Thailand, Sankalp Bhumi Trust Baroda, Gujarat University (Ahmedabad) and with other International Organisations. Participates came from more than 30 countries (350 International Delegates and 8000 National Delegates) in the conference.

Program was Inaugurated by Bhante Sadhanand Mahathero (President of All India Bhikku Sangh), Bhante N.Aanand Mahathero, Bhante Vinay Bodhi (President of Mumbai, Sangha) , Ven. Panyashekhara (Head monk of Tanzania Africa), Prince of Cambodia Thanro Norodom, Mr.Ramdas Athawale (Minister of Social Justice Govt.of India) President of  World Alliance of  Buddhist Mr.Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong, Gen. Secretary Lye Ket Yong , I.B.C Secretary Lama Lobzang, Jain Monk Lokesh Muni, Gujarat Tourism Director Mr. Jenu Devan, Swamy(France),Mr. Ramesh Klair (London Director Kanshi TV), Mr.Ravi Kishan (Bollywood Actor),Gagan Mallik (Actor). The dance and singing performances showcased the vibrant cultural heritage of India. Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modiji had sent his best wishes through his message for the conference.

The delegates along with monks visited the Dev Ni Mori site the 2000 years old monastery was submerged in Mesavo dam, Mehsana an ancient buddhist monestery in Vadnagar, Khambhalida Caves in Rajkot, the kodiya Caves Junagadh and Sankalp Bhoomi trust Vadodara.

3rd International Buddhist Conference By Sanghakaya Foundation

The 3RD International Buddhist conference was organised from 25th to 27th of November 2018 at Vadodara, Gujarat in collaboration with Maharaja Sayajirao University and Sanklap bhoomi trust. It was organised to mark the 55th anniversary of the discoveries of buddha relics from Dev Ni Mori, village in northern Gujarat, to celebrate 100 years of strong determination of Dr. B.R Ambedkar at Sankalp Bhoomi and to promote peace and loving kindness. It has been decided to establish Vallabhi Buddhist University and Statue of Peace (meditating Buddha Statue) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Conference was inaugurated in the presences of the chief guest Rev. Hui Hai (VC of Dharma Buddhist University) Malaysia, Hon. Shree. Rajendra Trivedi (speaker of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha), Mr. Shalini Agrawal (IAS Collector of baroda), Ven. Anuruddha Mugunwela from Sri Lanka, Ven Andrew Williams from Australia, Ven. Jampa Phurba Dorjee Rinpoche from Paris, Ven. Sangay Yonten from Bhutan and Ms. Dr. Aphinita Chaichana from Thailand. Indian Constitution day was celebrated in the conference by reading of the Indian Preamble by Mr. Anil Pratham (Additional DGP). The felicitation and awards were given to the people who work for the social cause and spread the teachings of Lord Buddha. His holiness Dalai Lama and Rajmata Shubhangini Raje Gaekwad had sent their best wishes throught message. The gujarati tribal dance performance was performed by the trained dancer in the conference.

The archaeological department at Maharaja Sayajirao university was visited by the devotees to pay homage to buddha relics. Sankalp bhoomi, Laxmi Vilas palace were included in site seeing. The international delegates visited the Buddhist sites in Dev Ni Mori, Rajkot and Junagadh in Gujarat.

1st International Indo-Thai Buddhist Conference

Sanghakaya Foundation has organized an Indo-Thai Buddhist Conference in collaboration with Raj Mangala University of Technology and DMSB, Thailand. the main theme of the conference was to build a strong and deep relationship between two countries in religious, social, cultural and economic fields. Sanghakaya Foundation of India, Raj Mangala University, DMSB Foundation of Thailand had conducted various social, economic, religious and cultural activities, in their own countries and participated in many other national and international conferences. This conference mainly focused on how countries can exchange educational, cultural, spiritual and mutual understanding to for the long benefits of the two countries. In this conference both the countries decided to start a student and cultural exchange program between the two countries. Thai cultural dances and songs were performed by the trained artists.

Statue Distribution Program

World Peace Tour

On the occasion of 127th birth anniversary of Bodhisattva Dr. B.R Ambedkar, Sanghakaya foundation organised world Peace tour. Sanghakaya team visited to countries like France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, England, United Kingdom, America (East and West Coast), Taiwan, Dubai, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand to promote Buddha’s peace, meditation and loving kindness. Through this tour many countries came to know about the symbol of knowledge and his contributions towards independence of India. We also promoted Indian History, Indian Culture and Yoga.

This world Peace Tour was dedicated to Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s contribution towards the socially backward class. Dr B.R Ambedkar is the principal architect of the Constitution of India, and a founding father of the Republic of India. Ambedkar was a prolific student earning doctorates in economics from both Columbia University and the London School of Economics and gained a reputation as a scholar for his research in law, economics, and political science. In his early career he was an economist, professor, and lawyer. He fought for political rights and social freedom for Dalits. Babasaheb (means father) is an honour given to him by socially backward class people of India. In 1956, he converted to Buddhism initiating mass conversions of Dalits. He brought revolution in Buddhism in India through mass conversions.

Reasons he accepted “Buddhism”.

1.Budhhism refused superiority on the ground of “caste” & “birth”.

2.It emphasise- “all human being are equal”.

3.Anyone who have “knowledge of Brahma” could become Brahmin.

4.It says- it’s only Karma” on which people should be distinguish.

“Karma is a core belief in Buddhism, as with all major Indian religions, it implies neither fatalism nor that everything that happens to a person is caused by Karma”

5.Yet, it’s most liberal religion.

His birth anniversary is celebrated as a festival in India by his devotees on every year 14th of April.



Buddha statue donation by Sanghakaya Foundation

Recently Sanghakaya Foundation has started “Buddha Statue Donation Program” in India. This noble cause is supported by the devotees of Thailand. They donate the Buddha Statues to Indian Buddha Vihara which do not have statues for worshipping at their vihara. Sanghakaya Foundation have Donated buddha statue of 5 to 7 feet in height, around 200 kilograms in weight and made out of brass metal. We have also donated number of small statues as symbol of peace.

We are planning to donate more buddha statues in India upcoming years. We are also going start Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s statue donation program through our organization.

Sanghakaya Foundation Participated in International Vesak Day (Buddha Jayanti) at United Nation, New York, America.

Sanghakaya Foundation Participated in International Vesak Day at United Nations along with Ban ki-moon, Peter Thomson (President of UN) and Buddhist representatives from all over the world. The conference was all about the teachings of Lord Buddha and how buddhist religion is scientific in its own way.  Buddhism always wants peace and encourages one to follow the path of humanity, non-violence, harmony and brotherhood. One should have compassion towards all living being is the most important teaching of Buddha. From last seven years International Vesak Day is being celebrated at United Nations.

Wish You All Happy Vesak Day…

Namo Buddhaya…

Educational MOU between Sanghakaya foundation And Dharma Buddhist University (DBU), Malaysia.

Sanghakaya Foundation and Dharma Buddhist University, Malaysia signed the MOU to establish higher Buddhist educational centre in India to promote the teachings of buddha. Bhante Prashil Ratan( Shifu Zhong In) was on tour in Malaysia for convocation program of the students of DBU. While discussing on how Indian and Chinese Buddhist people can work together for religious, economical, educational development, later it was decided to sign an educational MOU to start the journey of development. The MOU was signed by Ven. Bhante Prashil Ratan Gautam president of Sanghakaya Foundation and Rev. Man Ben dean of Eco Monastery Institute.

This will help both the countries to maintain strong relation through student and cultural exchange program. Under this MOU we are starting certified Buddhist diploma courses. All the information regarding courses will be given on the website of Sanghakaya Foundation.

Meditation, Mind development and Health camps for children

Sanghakaya foundation has undertaken many camps for children. As they are the upcoming generation, it is important to lead them to righteous path of life. For this representatives of foundation are visiting schools, colleges, villages, tribal areas to promote the teachings of buddha, loving kindness meditation and health tips.

It was found in the study that many children are addicted to tobacco chewing, cigarette smoking etc. Sanghakaya took initiative to stop this and guided the addicted children. After successfully stopping the intake of toxins by the children, they were appreciated with some gifts which encouraged them to follow the right path. In this way Sanghakaya foundation is helping the future of world to maintain a health, spirituality and peace in the life.

Blood Donation Camps

It is said that a blood donor is a life saver and it is true. Sometimes a little thing you do can mean others a lot. The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. No matter what our lifestyle is, we can do this practice. It benefits those who offer the gift of life as well as those who receive it. For this noble cause sanghakaya foundation is organizing many blood donation camps from many year throughout India. Many Monks and devotees participate in the camps and contribute in the social cause.

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